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Power Inverter FAQs


Inverter fault

Q1.  How do I know my inverter is working?


  1. Check the status of the inverter LED and screen display. If the blue LED is on and the screen shows working mode, the inverter is working.
  2. If the red LED is on and the screen shows an error message, the SPH inverter may be faulty. Please read further for assistance.


Q2.   How do I check my inverter is generating energy?

A2. Note down the KWH reading from the screen using the selector switch at the same time over a few days and compare the value with the predicted value given in page 4 of the CEC Consumer Guide (http://www.cleanenergycouncil.org.au/resourcecentre/Consumer-Info/solarPV-guide.html).

If the readings are greater than 80% then the inverter is working efficiently.


Q3.   What do I need to do if I have an error message on the screen?

A3. Perform the shutdown procedure to see if it clears up the error message.

  1. Turn off the “SOLAR SUPPLY MAIN SWITCH” located in the switchboard, or the “AC ISOLATOR” if installed next to the inverter
  2. Turn off the “DC PV ARRAY ISOLATOR” located next to the inverter.
  3. Wait for one minute. The system is now shut down.
  4. Switch on the DC: the inverter should read “no utility” and the red LED will be on.
  5. Switch on the AC.
  6. The inverter will show “Connecting” or “Testing” and the countdown will start. After one minute the inverter should connect to grid and will display the blue light with “working mode” if working correctly.
  7. If there is a fault, the RED light will be on and the screen will show an error message.


Warranty claim

Q4.  What should I do if the Clenergy SPH inverter shows an error message after the test? 

A4.  Please contact the company you bought it from in the first instance. Origin/Energex customers need to report the fault to the Solar Helpdesk on 1300 791 468.

Other customers need to speak to their installers.

If you are not sure who installed the system for you please contact Clenergy on 03 9017 6688 or preferably, email service@clenergy.com.au with the warranty claim form completed and the relevant documents. Claims are made by emails as it allows for quicker processing.

Once we receive the documents, we will check the warranty and process the claim as soon as possible. We will then arrange for a replacement unit to be sent out to the address of your choice. As per hardware warranty, upon receipt of the unit, the customer will need to arrange for a licensed electrician to swap the unit over and send the faulty inverter back to Clenergy. Labour and postage of the faulty unit are at the customer’s charge (please refer to the warranty conditions in the registration form.)  


Q5. How do I get the serial number of the inverter?

 A5. The serial number is an eleven-digit barcode on a sticker located on top or at the bottom of the unit.



Warranty support

Q1. What support can customers expect regarding inverter warranty claim?

A1. Clenergy provides technical support and will arrange for a replacement unit to be delivered upon warranty checks.


Q2. Who is qualified to replace SPH inverters?

A2. All CEC accredited installers and licensed electricians are qualified to replace SPH inverters.


Extended warranty

Q1.  How do I extend my SPH inverter warranty?

A1.   Extended warranty can be purchased up to 3 months after the solar system installation. Contact Clenergy Australia for details of pricing at service@clenergy.com.au


For any other enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.